We provide complex services for the export of agricultural goods of both the food industry and feed products.

Our work includes the search for the necessary raw materials, its transportation, processing, packaging, preparation of all the necessary export documentation and sending to customers. Our experienced employees carefully control each stage.

Нашим преимуществом является наличие собственных складов и зерноочистительного оборудования, что позволяет нам производить товар необходимого качества и осуществлять бесперебойные поставки.

Our Business is based on Trust and Quality.

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The company has a team of highly qualified specialists and managers who study and satisfy the needs of our customers. This allows us to provide the best products and services to our customers.



Superior Quality and timely shipment combined with exceptional customer service is our primary focus. The unmatched quality of the products and prompt delivery of the commodities, while maintaining the international quality standards, has helped us to gain a high market share within an extremely competitive industry.



Our company is located in the south part of Russia. It provides us with access to three seas immediately: the Black Sea, Azov Sea and Caspian Sea. There is also a railway network in our region.

This allows us to organize delivery by any type of transport, including multimodal shipment