Port capacity

Globus is committed to providing access to our port terminals for all grain marketers, exporters and customers.

Russian Black Sea Port Terminal Rules and the Port Terminal Services Agreement outline how to obtain access to port terminals.

Globus management of the shipping stem is governed by the Port Terminal Access (Bulk Wheat) Code of Conduct (Code).

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Current Port Capacity

Port Access Code Exemption Notice

Port Capacity Allocation

Globus has an allocation process which involves entering into long term agreements with exporters detailed below:

  • Globus will determine the total port shipping capacity (Capacity) to be allocated to exporters.
  • Globus may, in its discretion, determine additional Capacity to be allocated over and above the total Capacity where Globus is able to make that available due to increased efficiencies or the construction of additional capacity.
  • Globus will allocate Capacity in the following manner:
    • Globuswill negotiate the allocation of Long-Term Capacity with Exporters and subsequently enter into Long Term Agreements.
    • All Capacity that does not get taken up in Long-Term Agreements will be released as spare capacity and may be taken up on a first-in-first-served (FIFS) basis (Spare Capacity).

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